Colonoscopic Video Analysis Lucas Hadjilucas is working on colonoscopic polyp detection and tracking.

Colon: stylistic rendering

Example: Object Recognition

We are working on improving algorithms and technologies for real-world object recognition. This includes descriptors, hashing and retrieval algorithms.

Visual Words

Registration Shearin Cao is working on 3D and 4D (either 2D+t or "voxel"+time) image registration and segmentation.

Retinal sequence


Example: Image Descriptors Ioannis Alexiou is working on image descriptor technology that is optimised for distinctiveness, adaptability or invariance.

Descriptor Clusters




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Tutorials Are currently being developed covering: wavelet transforms, ferns, visual words and more.


The research group works on developing algorithms and architectures for visual inference. Although our inspiration is biology and currently known biological strategies for processing data, our algorithms are based on ensuring that the representations used in describing images are well-suited to pattern recognition. This means, for example, that low-level descriptions of images can be adapted in response to local image properties.

Further requirements for these methods are that they be (a) fast, (b) scalable and (c) suitable for low-power implementations. Thus, some of our research, in collaboration with other academics or companies, is based around parallel computational structures, such as GPUs, or even more efficient systems for spatial processing, such as CNNs.

Applications include the analysis of images from a wide variety of sources, featuring widely differing image statistics. This includes microscopy images, natural scenes and even man-made products.

Selected Recent Publications (See also "Books" page)

H.M.D. Ip, E.M. Drakakis, A.A. Bharath, “Preliminary results from an analog implementation of first-order TDCNN dynamics”, Int. Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications. Online version, October, 2010, Or: DOI: 10.1002/cta.668

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