Video Processing

Real-time processing

Ferns (coming soon)


Spatio-temporal filtering


Our descriptors are based primarily around Gabor jets with appropriate normalisation/scale-selection and orientation steering strategies.

Action-at-a-distance kernels

2D and 3D "projective" descriptors (based on kernels like those shown above) are applied post-Gabor filtering. This technology is under commercial development at Cortexica Vision Systems.

Machine Learning

Using SVMs (and the right representation, of course !) for image segmentation.


Spiral SVM


Gabor+Wavelet Transforms

Gabor cartoon

A simple Gabor jet implementation by I. Alexiou can be found here. This version is not optimised, explicitly rotation & scale invariant, but we will be providing examples of such descriptors soon.



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Monte-Carlo Inference

Monte-Carlo MSC

Particle Filtering