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Welcome to the website of the Bioinspired VLSI Circuits & Systems (BioCAS) Group of the Department of Bioengineering Imperial College London. Our Group focuses on the conception, synthesis, realisation and evaluation of Circuits For and From Biology. Our Group is fully committed to serving Imperial's mission statement. It was founded in 2004 and since then it has grown thanks to competitively secured research funding from various sources. Its activities constitute an integral part of the "Detection, Devices and Design" Research Theme of our Department. We want to believe that our research trancedes what is traditionally referred to as "circuits for biomedical applications". More specifically: not only do we seek to apply well-established electrical & (micro)-electronic engineering techniques to healthcare aiming at the development of new, clinically relevant modalities and bioinstrumentation, but also we study the principles of operation of naturally encountered systems. We try to translate and occasionally abstract their behaviour in meaningful engineering terms, draw inspiration from and apply them in a critical manner upon useful artificial systems. We hope that our systems will inherit some of the enviable properties of their physical prototype counterparts; namely their computational prowess and power efficiency despite the use of imperfect bioengineering "components".     Read More >