Below you find the IC-CSynB members, former postdocs, former students, and former visitors of our group.

Members at IC-CSynB



Guy's Photo

Dr Guy-Bart Stan

Group Leader, Principal Investigator, Co-Director of the Imperial College Centre for Synthetic Biology (IC-CSynB)
Eszter's Photo

Dr Eszter Csibra

Postdoctoral researcher
Tomislav's Photo

Dr Tomislav Plesa

Postdoctoral researcher (co-supervised with T. Ouldridge)
Nicolas' Photo

Dr Nicolas Kylilis

Postdoctoral researcher
Wooli's Photo

Dr Wooli Bae

Postdoctoral researcher
(co-supervised with T. Ouldridge)
Juan's Photo

Dr Juan Kuntz

Postdoctoral researcher
Zoltan's Photo

Dr Zoltan Tuza

Postdoctoral researcher
Duncan's Photo

Duncan Ingram

PhD student
(co-supervised with M. Isalan)
Alice's Photo

Alice Boo

PhD student
Matt's Photo

Matthew Haines

PhD student
(co-supervised with G. Baldwin)
Ismael's Photo

Ismael Mullor

PhD student
(co-supervised with T. Ouldridge)
Javier's Photo

Javier Cabello Garcia

PhD student
(co-supervised with T. Ouldridge)
Barney's Photo

Barney Walker

PhD student (co-supervised with K. Polizzi and P. Freemont)
Ari's Photo

Ari Dwijayanti

PhD student (co-supervised with G. Baldwin)
Haris' Photo

Haris Mallick

PhD student (co-supervised with G. Baldwin)


Former postdocs

Dr Marios Tomazou

Senior Scientist, Stremble Ventures LTD

Dr Francesca Ceroni

Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Dr Jordan Ang

Bioinformatics Senior Scientist at Synthace Limited

Dr Edward Hancock

Academic Staff Member at the Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney, Australia

Dr Ye Yuan

Professor, School of Automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Dr Aivar Sootla

PostDoctoral researcher with Prof Antonis Papachristodoulou, Department of Engineering Sciences, University of Oxford

Dr James Arpino

Principal Scientist and Forward Deployed Engineer at Synthace Limited

Dr Diego Oyarzún

Head of the Biomolecular Control Group, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London

Dr Oliver (Wright) Crush

Chief Scientific Officer at Mint Innovation and founder of Tutorly, a two-sided marketplace that connects students and parents with private tutors in their local community


Former students



Felix Jonas

Visiting Scientist in the Barkai Lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Dr Wei Pan

Assistant Professor in the Department of Cognitive Robotics at TU Delft, The Netherlands

Dr Rhys Algar

Software Engineer at Cedar, Former CTO of Lab Genius

Dr Neave O'Clery

Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Dr Ye Yuan

Professor of Control Theory, School of Automation, State Key Lab of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Dr Abdullah Hamadeh

Research Associate in Edginton Lab at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo.

Dr Adrian Salinas-Varela

Instrumentation and Control Engineer at BP, plc, UK


Former visitors



Ahmed Amer Abdullah Zaid

University of Cambridge

Remi Sieskind

Ecole Normale Superieur de Cachan

Jean-Baptiste Lugagne

Universite Paris-Diderot

Marit Hoff-Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik

Bremen University of Applied Sciences

Alejandro Vignoni

Polytechnic University of Valencia

Gabriel Bosque-Chacón

Polytechnic University of Valencia