Synthetic biology is fundamentally a method, a logical way to engineer biology for the 21st century. Our research will help transform biotechnology into the cheap and rapid solution for a diverse range of problems. Our goal as synthetic biology researchers is to develop the tools and technology so that in twenty years time producing a new designer microbe is as simple as assembling a bicycle.

To bring synthetic biology to fruition, we’re looking for a wide variety of collaborations – both academic and industrial. Medicine, energy, diagnostics, pollution, cosmetics, materials and computation are just a few areas where synthetic biology can be applied to yield exciting new biotechnologies. If you are interested in a biotech solution to your problem, we would be very interested in helping engineer the product in a logical, predictable and rapid fashion. We feel that our technology has the potential to revolutionise this century and we’re looking for the best ways to apply it.

Please contact us for discussions and hopefully we can turn these into successful collaborations.

Image taken from E.Chromi – a design project by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg & James King in collaboration with Cambridge’s 2009 iGEM team.

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