• Aug 2015: Tom will be attending the YEASTCELL Summer School in Frankfurt this month.
  • Apr 2015: Francesca & Rhys’ paper on measuring burden and optimising constructs design is online at Nature Methods
  • Mar 2015: Our work on engineered yeast was presented to BBSRC CEO Jackie Hunter & UK Chief Scientist Mark Wolpert and will be presented at BYG2015 on March 26
  • Feb 2015: Both Arturo and Elena passed their PhD vivas. Well done guys!





  • Dec 2011: Awarded a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant for Rapid Protease Detection using Synthetic Biology.
  • Nov 2011: Tom Ellis will be speaking on 2nd Nov at 17th IBC 2011 Conference in Beijing, China.
  • Oct 2011: Welcoming PhD candidate Ben Reeve to the group.
  • Sep 2011: Tom Ellis will be speaking on 2nd Sep at IEEE’s EMBC 2011 Conference in Boston, USA.
  • Aug 2011: Check out the Imperial iGEM team 2011, working to make roots grow better where needed.
  • Jul 2011: Fabio Chizzolini has successfully defended his MSc Thesis at Padova University, getting 100{5fd7e7247d09ddd2d7e8659e71d7f7d6e1b5957dd80dbd6b8b1bb07da6dacf40} cum laudae.
  • Jun 2011: Tom Ellis, Arturo Casini and Ben Blount will all be at SB5.0, Stanford Uni, June 15th to 17th
  • May 2011: Our review on DNA Assembly has been featured in Nature and Nature Methods
  • Apr 2011: We have created a GFP variant expressing stably in a Thermophile for promoter characterisation in high-temperature organisms It REALLY glows.
  • Mar 2011: Talks of our research are being used in an interactive artwork: Public Misunderstandings of Science currently at Lab Life at The Lighthouse, Brighton.
  • Feb 2011: E.Chromi project with James King and Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, nominated for UK Design Museum’s 2010Design Of The Year.
  • Jan 2011: Critical Review of DNA ASSEMBLY methods published online at Integrative Biology. PDF is available here.