Completed Thesis from our Lab’s PhD Students

PhD Thesis





Tim Weenink

Expanding the regulatory repertoire available for synthetic genetic circuits in S. cerevisiae.

Submitted Nov 2016

Started Oct 2012

Georgios Pothoulakis

Organised Natural Structures using Synthetic Biology

Submitted Sept 2016

Started Oct 2012

Benjamin Reeve

Geobacillus thermoglucosidans as a Thermophile Chassis for Synthetic Biology

Submitted Mar 2016

Started Oct 2011

Dejana Jovicevic

Developing a Synthetic Yeast for the Expression of Heterologous Genes using SCRaMbLE

Submitted Mar 2016

Started Apr 2012

Elena Martinez-Klimova

Co-supervised with Prof David Leak

Synthetic biology approaches to the metabolic engineering of Geobacillus thermoglucosidans for isobutanol production

Submitted Dec 2014

Started Jan 2011

Arturo Casini

Co-supervised with Dr Geoff Baldwin

Advanced DNA assembly strategies and standards for synthetic biology

Submitted Sept 2014

Started Oct 2010

Rhys J Algar

Co-supervised by Dr Guy-Bart Stan

Understanding, characterising and modelling the interactions between synthetic genetic circuits and their host chassis.

Submitted Nov 2013

Started Oct 2010